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When the College was founded in 1915, Physics was taught at the "intermediate level". Miss Edith Coon, the Vice Principal was also the Professor of Physics. In 1953 the Department of Physics became a major Department with Miss O.S. Edwards Ph.D. as the Head. She was succeeded by Miss Ammu Mathew M.Sc., M.A. (Cantab) (1965 – 1985), Mrs. Ranjini Victor M.A., M.Phil. Cert. in Edn. (Birm) (1985 –1993) and Dr.Mercy Rajasekhar, Ph.D. (1993 onwards). In 1999, the department introduced a postgraduate program under the self-financed scheme of the college.
Objectives :
The objective of the Department is the holistic development of the student’s personality, knowledge, skills, abilities and values by promoting study and research in Physics.
General Information:
A well-equipped, intellectually stimulating, inquiring, open and supportive environment is provided for a sound education in Physics at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students are introduced to subjects which are at the cutting edge of Physics research such as Nano Science, Solid State Physics, Spectroscopy, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Biomedical Instrumentation etc.
The Department possesses spacious and airy lecture galleries, preparation rooms and laboratories in the Science Building of the College. It also has a well-equipped workshop manned by a trained mechanic and state–of-art Electronics Lab, Computer Lab and a Photographic Dark Room.
Under the credit based system, students have the opportunity to take up research projects at the undergraduate level. The department has links with other reputed institutions and research centers.
Faculty :
Dr. Anna Siromoney - M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Head of the Department
Dr. Usha Pradeep Desai - M.Sc., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ms. C. S. Sabitha - M.Sc., M.Phil.
Associate Professor & Dean of Residents
Dr. Kalavathi Santhi - M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Dean of Student Services
Ms. Christina Nancy - MSc., M.Phil.
Assistant Professor
Dr. Renuga Devi T S. – M.Sc. M.Phil, Ph.D
Assistant Professor & Research Guide (Periyar University, Salem, Bharathiar
University, Coimbatore and PRIST University, Tanjavoor)






Student strength:
About 120 undergraduate and 130 students in supporting and optional courses are registered.
Student Course Profile click to download
Eligibility :
The B.Sc. Physics course is open to students who have passed the Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary or equivalent examination, having taken Physics and Mathematics as two of their subjects.
Laboratories and Facilities:
  • General Physics Laboratories
  • Digital Electronics Laboratory
  • Mechanical and Carpentry Workshop
  • Photographic Darkroom and Photographic Equipment
  • Computer lab for students
  1. Field trips/excursions: The Department organizes field trips relating to course work from time to time. It also takes the final year students on a study tour to observe institutions of higher learning, research activities in Physics and industrial production related to Physics, in other cities/ towns/states of India. This field trip usually also includes environment appreciation.
  2. Seminars: Students are given opportunities to take seminars from time to time; and also to attend workshops, symposia, etc in related subjects organized in the College and elsewhere.
  3. Research interests of the staff: The areas of research interest in which the faculty have publications include Materials Science, Spectroscopy, Medical Physics, Fourier Optics, Electronics and Nuclear Physics.
  4. Physics Society: The Physics Society called "Hi-Phy" (High Physics) promotes a variety of interests and co-curricular activities in the field of Physics that cannot be served within the limitations of courses and examinations. The association was started by staff members and students who shared a common enthusiasm for Physics. The students organize the programmes of the society with the advice and guidance of the staff. Hi-Phy conducts quizzes, debates and seminars and organizes lectures by visiting scientists. It also organizes a wall newspaper. The highlight of the Hi-Phy calendar is the intercollegiate competition with a theme in Physics organized by the students.
Prizes and Scholarships:
  1. The Alice Barnabas Physics Prize - awarded to the student of the outgoing Physics (Core) class with the highest total marks in Part IV.
  2. The Edith Coon Science Prize - awarded to the best student of Physical Science (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) for Part IV in semesters I-IV.
  3. The Nesam Devapragasam Prize - awarded to the student of the outgoing Physics (core) class for securing the highest total marks in all subjects – Parts I, II, III and IV
  4. The Ranjini Victor Prize (endowed by the late Mr. F. Bennet Pithavadian, brother of Mrs. Victor) for securing the highest mark in the subject "Electromagnetism" of the Physics core course
  5. The Ranjini Victor Prize for securing the highest mark in the subject "Relativity and Quantum Mechanics" of the Physics core course
  6. The Ammu Mathew Scholarships (endowed by the late Miss Ammu Mathew’s family) are merit scholarships:
    a) awarded to the best student of Physics in Class I
    b)awarded to the best student of Physics in Class II
  7. Anna Mani Scholarships endowed by Ms. Alfreda Cooke in honour of Dr Anna Mani, retired professor of W.C.C. and Raman Research Institute, Bangalore. These Scholarships are merit cum means scholarships: a) Awarded to a Class II student, based on her academic performance in Class I in both semesters b) Awarded to a Class III student based on her academic performance in Class II in both semesters.
Future Plans:
  1. To conduct National and International conferences / workshops in current research areas and topics of emerging trends.
  2. To establish collaborative research work with premier research institutes and universities.
  3. To start short time certificate / diploma courses apart from the regular course offered.
  4. Start coaching classes for NET/CSIR/SLET and other competitive examinations.
  5. To develop e-learning, e-based teaching techniques.
  6. On the whole to train young minds of women in fundamental and frontier areas of physics.
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Fax: 2827 6798