Scripture and Value Education


These courses will inculcate values in students by an organized study of the Bible through lively and interactive sessions. Students can opt for either CEC (Christian Education Council) or TAFTEE (The Association for Theological Education by Extension). A student can discontinue TAFTEE at the end of the first year and move to CEC, but students cannot move from CEC to TAFTEE. 75% attendance is necessary to get one credit. Students who pass the end of course assessments conducted by CEC and TAFTEE will be given certificates.

Holistic Value Education

These courses are designed for experimental learning and will facilitate the students

  • To become more aware of self.
  • To discover their potentials and talents.
  • To develop an integrated personality and healthy life style.
  • To improve interpersonal skills.
  • To prepare for marriage and plan their future.
  • To be open to family and social realities so as to make them catalysts for change in their families and neighbourhood.