The College Song


From this our land and far across the ocean
Thy daughters’ voices rise in praise to thee,
Our College fair, our faithful Alma Mater,
O may we love thee more from year to year !

God be with thee, our College, God protect thee,
His light shine on thee – this is our fervent prayer.

Beneath thy trees and columns tall, majestic,
Wisdom and knowledge thou dost give to all.
Leaving thy portals, we go forth desiring,
Lighted to lighten; bravely on we go.

God be with thee, our College, God protect thee,
His light shine through thee – now and evermore.

The College Crest

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The College Motto is “Lighted to Lighten” and hence the appropriateness of the little earthenware Indian lamp.  From such a lamp, with its flame of fire constantly renewed by the sacrifice of the oil poured in, its need of shelter from the wind, its flame kindled afresh every evening from a source of light, comes the suggestion of a life, spending itself to transform itself into service, flickering but not failing in the midst of temptation, existing only to give.

The College Flower

sunflowerThe College Flower is the Sunflower, chosen because it always turns its face towards the Sun, suggesting that we should ever turn to the Sun of Righteousness.  The Sunflower is chosen also because it is a composite, thus symbolising a group such as a college community; and because it grows readily in all three lands associated with the college, India, the United Kingdom and America.  Still further, the Sunflower embodies the College Colours – green representing India’s palms and paddyfields; brown, her sunburnt soil; and gold, the flame of the college lamp.

The College Tree

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Peltophorum pterocarpum

Commonly known as the Copper Pod or the Rusty Shield Bearer

The green leaves, golden-yellow flowers and the rich copper-coloured pods of this tree represent the college colors.